Mountainbike Day Trips in Iceland – Book now

Day Trip


Natural single track by the old lava.

Intermediate to Advanced  4-5 hrs

A blend of narrow rocky technical singletrack and flowy sections. This ever-changing natural single track lies by the side of a 5.000 year old lava field. A local’s favourite XC trail.

32.500 ISK.

per person

Day Trip


Caves, moonscapes & lava fields.

Beginner – Intermediate  ~4 hrs

We designed this trip to create one that riders of all skill level will enjoy. Our guides will step it up for intermediate riders or go to easier trails for newcomers. NOTE! This trip can be customised from beginner to intermediate xc riding.

25.500 ISK.

per person

Day Trip


Get a Taste of the Local Reykjavík Trails .

All skill levels ~2-3 hrs

This trip is ideal for anyone that wants a break from the city center and to get a new perspective of Reykjavík. Feel the wind in your hair and smile on your face. From the urban to the center, through the green areas of Reykjavik. This trip is great for riders of all skill levels. 

16.900 ISK.

per person

 Helibiking Day Trip  


Volcano Heli-biking, Enduro buffet for the experienced AM rider!

Advanced to Expert 5-6 hrs

Go big, or go home. This is an epic day of heli-biking in the geothermal region of dormant volcano Hengill. We start our ride far away from the crowds. For riders with technical trail experience and strong stamina.

98.000 ISK.

per person

 Helibiking Day Trip  


Moonscape Helibiking for the Newcomer.

All skill levels  ~4 hrs

A fun day of helibiking exploring lavafields from above and the ground. Land on neighbouring dormant volcano where we jump on the bike and start a sweet easy descent passing volcanic lakes and craters. ending in a unique fissure.

85.000 ISK.

per person

Day Trip


This is the ultimate AM day trip!

Advanced to Expert 4-5 hrs

For the experienced Enduro rider, this day incl technical features and stunning scenery. Ride the tectonic plates where Iceland is ripping apart. This day is all about challenging hike a bike sections rewarded with fun fast enduro descent.

37.500 ISK.

per person