How to find us ?

Team Icebike works hard to create new opportunities for cycling in Iceland.

Our bike rental and start of daytours is here:

Icebike Trail Center in Reykjadalur,Hveragerði.

Icebike Trailcenter on Goggle Maps
GPS 64.022585, -21.212203

The drive from Reykjavik center takes around 45 minutes. We are located at the foot of the mountain by the village, 3 small black houses. Clearly marked and easy to find.

We are easy to find, follow the ring road to “Hveragerði” village. Drive the main road through the village until the end of the road – about 10 minutes drive – up by the foot of the mountains, big parking area – our base is in a small black house.

Next to our trailbase is a supernice café/bistro: Reykjadalur Lodge 

Short version of directions:  Ring road #1 for 35 minutes out of Reykjavík, left turn into the first village (Hveragerði) stay on that road until the end  – you’ll see a parking area and small black houses.
Long version of directions:
Head out of Reykjavík on “Suðurlandsvegur” – Ring road #1 South 
Follow road #1 to “Hveragerði” village. You’ll drive past a geothermal power plant, head over a scenic mountain, moss covered lava and see steam rising from the ground. When you come down from the mountain you see a small village that is resting in a valley.  Take the first roundabout into the village – you’ll then be on the village main road and you’ll stay on that road until the end of the road in a parking area “Reykjadalur”. By the foot of the mountains, there is a parking area  – our base is in three tiny black houses, clearly marked, can not miss it.  – Café by the Trailcenter opens at 10:00.

Activities for a selfguided day:

Rent a full sus bike at the Trailcenter  (book in advance)

Ride until lunchtime, enjoy soup and a cold one at the Reykjadalur Lodge.  The hike to the Geothermal warm river, hike starts from Café in Reykjadalur next to Icebike Trailcenter.  Bring your swimwear & towel, even snacks / cold one and expect a scenic hike about one hour each way. Follow weather forecast.

Post hike/ride:    We absolutely recommend going swimming ! The swimming pool “Laugaskarð” is close to the center of town. Warm pool, nice hot tubs. Reasonable price.

How to find us ?