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Decades of bike adventures. 
The Rough Stuff Fellowship. A story of three men, one dream and 80 years of cycling in Iceland.  Long before bikes got fat tires, full suspension and carbon fiber frames, the urge to push the pedals off road found its way into the hearts of riders. One group, the UK based Rough Stuff Fellowship has united such riders for decades. Since a time when crossing rugged terrain was truly for the dedicated adventurer. “Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship” tells the story of Horace Dall. He was an astronomer who 80 years ago single-handedly crossed Iceland’s moonlike central desert in his suit and tie. He did this solo, unsupported with just a napkin-sized map and the stars as his guide. The film tells Dall’s story as well as the like-minded adventurers who came after him, only to find it had (sort of) been done before. The film, with its stunning high-definition shots of the landscape, examines the eternal questions: Why do we go off road? Why leave the comforts of home? Are there any new adventures to be had? The answers of course (if there are any) lie in the hearts of individuals. And if you keep looking, you’re already there.“

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Harald Philipp / Sebastian Doerk