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Gravel Bike Vs MTB | Iceland Bikepacking Epic - Which Is The Ultimate All-Rounder?

GCN’S Si and Neil join Icebike for an epic highland challenge. 

Gravel or mountain bike, which handles Iceland XC better? Moots cycles invited both Global Cycling Network’s Simon Richardson and GMBN’s Neil Donoghue on an Iceland Highland. Icebike Adventures designed and supported the riders on their highland expedition. A few days riding through the Icelandic highlands means seeing a lot of amazing sights. Navigating through the steam of thermal hot-springs and crossing freezing rivers. Riding terrain that varies from glacial snow and ice, to palm sized volcanic pebbles. This is the perfect environment to test bikes! Gravel or mountain bike, which handles Iceland better?  Our Hekla Gravel 3day trip covers the same roads as Si & Neil ride on their trip.  Details about the Hekla Gravel trip here


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