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Iceland is a gravel paradise. Remote roads through ever changing landscapes. Perfect for adventurous people looking for a challenging outdoor activity and the passionate gravel rider wanting to tick Iceland Gravel off their bucket list. Riding gravel in Iceland is not about miles. It is about embracing the elements. Enduring rain and wind. The reward: Hard packed dirt roads from volcanic ash paired with new landscapes at every turn. This is a ride like no other.

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Lava / Gravel
our gravel daytrip
FromPrivate only From 35.000, 4 minimum-ISK
Iceland is a gravel paradise and this daytrip is a great way to get introduced to the winding hard packed gravel roads. Suitable for any skill level, guides will tailor the trip to riders skill. The bike for the trip is the Lauf True Grit Weekend Warrior bike, perfect for cycling Icelandic gravel roads. Available for private groups only.
4 Hours
Hekla / Gravel
3 day gravel adventure!
Otherworldly riding experience on remote roads near volcano Hekla. Iceland has some of the worlds most beautiful backcountry roads. This 3 day trip is designed to showcase the best of those roads; gravel, dirt & doubletrack. Embrace rain or sun. Enjoy different landscapes at every turn. This is Iceland Gravel.


3 Days
Westfjords / Forgotten Roads
4/5 day Westfjords Gravel
From535,000 ISK-ISK
Explore the forgotten roads off the Westfjords. Replaced by modern tunnels these roads offer superb gravel riding around the remote peninsulas of the West fjords. These may be the most challenging mountain passes of the island. Visit old, small fishing villages and get to know the locals, try the best food and stay in villages enroute. The area has some some of the worlds most remote roads. The trip is designed to showcase the best of those amazing roads, a mix of gravel, dirt, doubletracks and tarmac. Embrace rain, sun and wind. This is original Iceland!


4 days riding, 5 days total

GRAVEL ROADS & DOUBLE TRACKSExplore the backroads, that few have ridden.

The hard packed lava soil make them the perfect playground for gravel bikes.
chef Z cooks dinner in mountain cabin
breakfast and morning coffee
great coffee served on polkadots
secret waterfall iceland nature

Westfjords / Forgotten Roads