Hveragerdi - practical information

Team Icebike works hard to create new opportunities for cycling in Iceland.

Welcome to Hurdygurdy!Practical information

In 2020 Icebike launched a mini TrailCenter in Hveragerði. Trailbuilding in stunning nature is a privilege.
Practical information on Hveragerði:
Pharmacy – Open 10-18 weekdays,  11-15 Saturdays
Located by the grocery store next to the Hotel. Address: Sunnumörk 2, 810 Hveragerði
Taxi:  (354) 483 4200
State run liquor store: Vinbudin
Conveniently located, next to the pharmacy, next to the grocery store, next to the hotel –   this is how easy life is in Hveragerði.
Usually 11-18 weekdays, 11-16 Saturdays
Even better: Buy craft beer right at the brewer:   olverk.is   –  on the other side of the hotel, 100m walk to the mountains
Need raingear? Socks? Shoes? Check out THE store in town  “Álnavörubúðin”  on the mainstreet.

Activities for a rainy day:

Hike to the Geothermal warm river, hike starts from Café in Reykjadalur next to Icebike Trailcenter.  Bring your swimwear & towel, even snacks / cold one and expect a scenic hike about one hour each way. Follow weather forecast.

Horsebackriding: Experts at Eldhestar run tours all year round.

Swim! The swimming pool “Laugaskarð” is close to the center of town. Warm pool, nice hot tubs. Reasonable price. RECOMMEND!  Post ride, post hike or a perfect activity on a rainy day.

Art museum  Modern and contemporary Icelandic art. Free Entrance!


Hveragerdi - practical information