Manon Carpenter and Monet Adams came over for a ride with us riding lavatrails and some of the highland trails.

Follow Manon Carpenter and Monet Adams as they explore the breathtaking terrain of Iceland and dig a little deeper into what makes our country so unique.

We took our friends from Hopetechnology out on the gravel!

Elements is the latest short presented to you by Hope Technology. Three friends set off into the depths of Iceland exploring the finest gravel the country has to offer.

Filmed by Sam Needham and William Evans

Supported by IceBike, Iceland

‘Falling Awake’
Shrlok featuring Theo

When you mix a fatbike with Helicopters.

When Iceland freezes over its time to . head out early morning and fly out. leaver everything and just ride!

Gravel or Mountain Bike, which handles Iceland XC better?

Moots Cycles invited both GCN’s Si and Neil on a Icebike adventures trip!

A few days riding through the Icelandic highlands means seeing a lot of amazing sights! Navigating through the steam of thermal hot-springs, crossing freezing rivers and riding terrain varying from glacial snow and ice to palm sized volcanic pebbles… now this is an environment to test bikes! Gravel or Mountain Bike, which handles Iceland better?

Icebike Adventures Mountainbike International video productions

KC Deane and Geoff Gulevich Explore Iceland’s Wilderness.

The idea of going and finding perfect single track that laces through the hills was our goal, and with the help of Magne from Icebike Adventures we set out to find the best trails the south island had to offer. Each day we set out we seemed to find better locations and trails than the day and week before. In addition to the landscape, the Northern Lights was something that we all wanted to see while we were in Iceland.  See full article and pictures here.

Iceland Traverse Full TV version: Hans Rey & Steve Peat

Mountain Bike legends Hans Rey & Steve Peat on their North to South Iceland Traverse in 2015 They were joined by local rider Runar and the folks from Icebike Adventures.

A Great day out on a cold day.

Iceland is arctic fatbike territory! For this day adventure we choose the best snow conditions and utilize the heli to get there!

We Love Cycling Adventure Camp on Iceland

Known for a rugged landscape of unparalleled beauty, Iceland is one of the most topographically unique countries in the world. It is amidst this spectacular nature that the recent 2016 Adventure Camp by ŠKODA’s We Love Cycling magazine took place.

Clients view of our Helibiking daytrip.

This nice video shot by one of our clients 2016. Speedy Goose goes to Iceland to test out the volcano mountain biking scene. The event was a bachelor party, which turned into quite an adventure filled with helicopters and rainbows.

Clients view of our Lava trails daytrip.

This video shot by one of our clients from the Lava trails shows the ever changing terrain we can offer in the best selling Lavatrails daytrip we offer  around Reykjavík.

Horace and the rough stuff fellowship

“Long before bikes got fat tires, full suspension and carbon fiber frames, the urge to push the pedals off road found its way into the hearts of riders. One group, the UK-based Rough Stuff Fellowship has united such riders for decades, since a time when crossing rugged terrain was truly for the dedicated adventurer. “Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship” tells the story of Horace Dall, an astronomer who—80 years ago—single-handedly crossed Iceland’s moonlike central desert in his suit and tie, solo, with just a napkin-sized map and the stars as his guide. The film tells Dall’s story as well as the like-minded adventurers who came after him, only to find it had (sort of) been done before. The film, with its stunning high-definition shots of the landscape, examines the eternal questions: Why do we go off road? Why leave the comforts of home? Are there any new adventures to be had? The answers of course (if there are any) lie in the hearts of individuals. And if you keep looking, you’re already there.” COOLHUNTING.COM


A New fun day of helibiking exploring lavafields from above and the ground. Hop in the heli for a stunning flyover starting in center of Reykjavík.   Fly out of the city towards lakes and lavafields. Land on neighbouring dormant volcano where we jump on the bike and start a sweet easy descent in the remote. ending in a unique fissure.

Iceland. Proven Here

Location and logistics for Yeti.
This strange land is littered with awe-inspiring trails hidden among huge glaciers and ragged peaks blanketed with lush vibrant fauna. The primordial terrain carved into the landscape and the chaotic weather made it an ideal setting for us to shred the Yeti SB4.5c.

Fatbike fun daytrip

perfect snow conditions makes this day one of the best fatbiking day of the season so far, just look at it!

Icelandic Helibiking promo video

New perspectives in Icelandic mountain biking Icebike adventures is a small mountain & heli biking travel company providing exclusive services focusing on small groups & big adventures.

Fatbike day trip Adventure.

This adventure takes full advantage of the fatbikes as we follow the best snow conditions and weather through the Arctic wilderness. Each day our superjeep support vehicle brings us to the trailhead, and meets us once again at the days end for a lift to our accommodation. check out our daytrip and multiday fatbiking trip options for winter season.

Helibiking day from the client perspective.

Just a little gopro film from a helibiking day out from Reykjavik.

Fatbike Arctic Adventure.

Let us guide you on a superjeep-supported fatbike ride through Iceland’s Arctic snowfields. This adventure takes full advantage of the fatbikes as we follow the best snow conditions and weather through the Arctic wilderness. Each day our superjeep support vehicle brings us to the trailhead, and meets us once again at the days end for a lift to our accommodation.