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Iceland trails and roads can be demanding, expect to ride a little shorter distance than your average ride at home. Geotrails = 15km, Steamer = 25km, Gravel multiday = 50-120km per day based on groups, MTB/eMTB per day= 20-40km per day. Distance will be based on final road selection,climbs and terrain.

Please inform us during the booking process of any food requirements or allergies, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate them. We offer food suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, and Celiac preferences. While some very specific dietary requirements may pose challenges in the highlands, you can find more information on our highland facilities page.

We prioritize quality, using fresh ingredients from local suppliers. In Iceland, seafood, especially fish, is prevalent, and locals favor Lamb and Beef as their main meats. The local produce comprises greens, tomatoes, root vegetables, and berries. While most fruits are imported, we strive to offer a diverse and satisfying culinary experience.

Icelanders value good food. You’ll find multiple restaurants in Reykjavík, in the countryside expect restaurants to have fish,meat and vegetarian dishes. Pizza and fastfood is abundant but often prices similarly as more high end food.


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