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Our smallest e-MTB can accommodate riders who are 4’10” – 5’5″ (147-165cm). Our largest bike can accommodate those who are 6’0″ – 6’5” (185-197cm). Riders need to be in the weight range of 40kg-110kg ( 88-240 pounds )

If you are renting a bike selfguided you will need to be able to take care of all basic repairs such as flat tire or broken chain. Repair kits can be rented at the Trailcenter and also welcome to bring your own tools. On multiday rentals the guides take care of mechanical work and maintenance.

When bringing own bike for multiday trips in Iceland be sure to bring any spare parts that are bike brand specific. Finding compatible parts in Iceland can be challenging. We recommend packing at least inner tubes, brake pads, correctly-sized spokes. Icebike will have a spare tire for 27,5 & 29″.n

Geotrails = 15km, Steamer = 25km, Gravel multiday = 50-120km per day, MTB/eMTB per day= 20-40km per day. Distance will be based on final road selection,climbs and terrain.

Please inform us during the booking process of any food requirements or allergies, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate them. We offer food suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, and Celiac preferences. While some very specific dietary requirements may pose challenges in the highlands, you can find more information on our highland facilities page.

Icelanders value good food. You’ll find multiple restaurants in Reykjavík, in the countryside expect restaurants to have fish,meat and vegetarian dishes. Pizza and fastfood is abundant but often prices similarly as more high end food.

While specific training isn’t mandatory, we recommend that participants have a good level of fitness. Our multiday trips are designed for riders with good technical skills. No drops or jumps but riders need to be happy on steep technical trails, sometimes loose soil, off camber. Fine to hike for challenging pars. Some trips require hike...

The prime time to visit Iceland is from July through the first week of September, known as Highland season when the highest altitude trails are rideable. For day tours and activities closer to Reykjavik, the period from May to October is open. Early summer offers almost 24-hour daylight, creating a beautiful setting for late-night biking...

Tap water is safe to drink throughout Iceland, there is no need to purchase bottled water. During trips your guide will keep you informed about where and when to refill your water supply, ensuring that riders carry just the right amount for the day without overburdening themselves.


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