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If you are renting a bike selfguided you will need to be able to take care of all basic repairs such as flat tire or broken chain. Repair kits can be rented at the Trailcenter and also welcome to bring your own tools. On multiday rentals the guides take care of mechanical work and maintenance.

Absolutely! We encourage participants to capture their experiences as long as they are not holding up the group and photography is done with all riders permission. Just be sure to secure your equipment properly, especially in challenging terrains.

While we don’t provide a dedicated photographer, our guides often take photos during the tour that you can later access. Feel free to inquire about this option. On private trips we can provide a seasoned MTB photographer.

Our Trailcenter is open May-September, rental is open 09.30-17:00 every day from May 20th to October 1st. In winter we operate tailor made experiences. For reservations and inquiries please contact us at bookings@icebikeadventures.com

When bringing own bike for multiday trips in Iceland be sure to bring any spare parts that are bike brand specific. Finding compatible parts in Iceland can be challenging. We recommend packing at least inner tubes, brake pads, correctly-sized spokes. Icebike will have a spare tire for 27,5 & 29″.n

While specific training isn’t mandatory, we recommend that participants have a good level of fitness. Our multiday trips are designed for riders with good technical skills. No drops or jumps but riders need to be happy on steep technical trails, sometimes loose soil, off camber. Fine to hike for challenging pars. Some trips require hike...

Each trip provides skill level and fitness details on the trip page. For our highland All-Mountain MTB trips, riders should be fit enough to tackle 1-2 hour climbs and extended hike-a-bike sections. Comfort on rocky technical singletrack in remote locations is essential. The fitter you are, the more fun you’ll have on Icebike Adventures. Check...


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