How to travel to the Trailcenter from Reykjavik - Icebike Adventures

How to travel to Trailcenter from Reykjavik:

A car rental is an easy way to go and nice if you want to hang out in the area post ride, or even add an afternoon drive to the black sand beach, farmlands, nice villages on the coast for a meal. It is super simple to find us and easy to navigate out of Reykjavík.  Tips on things in the area here: 
Taxi: Best rate for a taxi is 32.000 ISK both ways – you need to book this via whatsapp directly with the local driver: (+354) 783 7722 – “Taxi Ölfus”.
To keep it fast and clear please include: Date, Hotel, how many passengers and pick up time (pick up 45minutes before our trip start is perfect)
you’ll need to pay the driver directly with card or cash.

Strætó (click for details) is the public transport in Iceland.  Although Iceland is known for anything but efficient public transport, you can take a bus from the Reykjavík center to the town of Hveragerði. To get to our base from there you can call a taxi (+354) 783 7722 or – (+354) 483-4200 (approx. 10 min drive). (If taxi doesn’t respond, call us on (+354) 625 0200.

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How to travel to the Trailcenter from Reykjavik