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Ferð að eldstöðvunum er algjörlega einstök upplifun. Raf-fjallahjól er frábært tæki til að komast að Geldingadal. Þetta er alls ekki skemmtilegasta hjólaleið á Íslandi, grófir slóðar "doubletrack" - en upplifunin er algjörlega þess virði. Við stoppum í klukkutíma við eldstöðvarnar.

Bike to the volcano! Lava Trails just got hotter! A unique opportunity to bike to an erupting volcano. We drive 1 hour from Reykjavík and bike one hour to the volcano on dirtroads and technical doubletracks with some challenging steep parts with loose soil. This certainly is, by far, not the best & most flowy trail in the country. But it definitely takes the win of being a unique experience - using a bike to reach an erupting volcano. We stop at the site for an hour for everyone to take in the absolutely stunning views of lava flowing from the crater. On March 19th an eruption started on Reykjanes peninsula, not far from Reykjavik capital of Iceland. A steady flow of lava is coming from 3 craters. There is no way to say how long the eruption will last, it can be hours, days, years or decades. Scientists speculate a long rather than short eruption. We tailor the trip to weather. The trail is not safe for riding in certain directions of wind because of fumes from the eruption. This trip is suitable for riders with intermediate skill level. If you just started mountain biking this is not the right trip for you. This trip can and will be tailored to the moods of the volcano.

Back of the beyond, this trip will show you Icelandic rough nature off the beaten track. Away from any crowds with plenty of photogenic spots to to stop and enjoy nature. Descending trails by mossy volcanos, passing Geothermal rivers. Experience the silence in Iceland backcountry. The trails take us through remote rugged green valley. The 5-10 km mix of natural trails and doubletracks showcase jagged volcanic formations and moss covered lavarocks. We land on a scenic spot where the riding starts with a briefing and intro on mountain biking. Our guides tailor each trip to clients’ abilities so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful area on a mountain bike or a fat bike. This trip is suitable for any riders up to intermediateskill level. If you are looking for All-Mountain / Enduro style riding for intermediate to advanced MTB riders we recommend you take a look at ourmore advanced Tectonic Heli trip.

Cycling in Iceland is a great way to explore the country. Reykjavík is at the edge of lava fields and endless green moss covered volcanos. Beautiful roads curve through the moonscapes. New views at every turn deliver an incredible riding experience.

Seasoned guides reveal the stunning singletracks and backcountry routes that define both the beauty and harshness of Iceland. We traverse rolling ridgelines over the highlands and witness the flow of geothermal steam through bubbling hot springs. We take in the best parts of the famous Laugavegur trail. This is no walk in the park – hike-a-bikes and water crossings are part of the experience and riders should have solid fitness. However, you daily efforts are rewarded nightly with gourmet fare, the comfort of a highland hut, and good spirits amongst friends. Raven All Mountain includes helibiking: super scenic flight to the top of a dormant volcano for an ever-changing volcanic singletrack passing rivers and valleys in a geothermal area. SAG vehicle shuttles all luggage, you carry only your daypack with water and packed lunch.


Lava Trails: Raf-fjallahjólaferð að eldgosinu

17.500-ISK per person
4-5 Hours