Reykjanes Archives - Icebike Adventures

Tools for the day: Helicopter and fatbikes. We use the heli to reach a snow covered mountaintop and ride back down to our support vehicle for a ride back to Reykjavík. Experience Arctic wilderness from above and the ground.

Riding a fatbike, in the dark, in Iceland is something that few people have experienced. Cold weather is fine when you stay warm by pedalling. We reach areas with no other people in sight. In a nature reserve well away from any busy roads. The northern lights have their own way. Sometimes they are strong, sometimes they are not visible. When they light up the sky it is an experience like no other. To witness northern lights away from any crowds is unique. Silence and the only sound to be heard is when your guide pours some hot chocolate to enjoy while taking a break from biking. The nature reserve is our playground. The fatbikes with bikelights our tools. We go far and beyond to reach the best spots.

Back of the beyond, this trip will show you Icelandic rough nature off the beaten track. Away from any crowds with plenty of photogenic spots to to stop and enjoy nature. Descending trails by mossy volcanos, passing lakes and craters we end at a picturesque lava fissure. Experience the silence in Iceland backcountry. The trails take us through remote rugged lavafields. The 5-10 km mix of man made and natural trails and gravel showcase jagged volcanic formations and moss covered lavarocks. We land on a scenic spot where the riding starts with a briefing and intro on mountain biking. Our guides tailor each trip to clients’ abilities so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful area on a mountain bike or a fat bike. This trip is suitable for any riders up to intermediate/advanced. If you are looking for All-Mountain / Enduro style riding for intermediate to advanced MTB riders we recommend you take a look at our Tectonic Heli trip.

Cycling in Iceland is a great way to explore the country. Reykjavík is at the edge of lava fields and endless green moss covered volcanos. Beautiful roads curve through the moonscapes. New views at every turn deliver an incredible riding experience.

This version of the Raven trip is geared toward the intermediate XC rider, bringing you far and wide to experience Iceland’s understated splendour. Riding the lower mountain trails and gravel roads in reserve Fjallabak and Þórsmörk area around the famous Laugavegur trail. SAG vehicle shuttles all luggage, you carry only your daypack with water and packed lunch.

A mix of rocky technical singletrack and flowy man made gravel trails. This ever-changing natural single track lies by the side and on top of a 3.000 year old lava crater. A local’s favourite playground.


Lava Trails / Fatbike

25.500-ISK per person
3-4 Hours
More than 1