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Use the E-MTB as a perfect tool to explore this amazing geothermal area. Ride in a geothermal area packed with both up and downhill technical singletrack challenges, this trip is for the experienced MTB rider only. If you like technical AM trail and stunning scenery this one is for you. Ride the tectonic plates where Iceland is ripping apart. This trip is all about challenging hike a bike sections rewarded with fun fast descent. Ride the dormant volcanoes and take in the views of valleys and lakes surrounded by geothermal activity. The variety of technical singletrack and fast flowing trail make this a superb choice for advanced mtb riders.


Use the full suspension e-MTB as a perfect tool to explore rugged Iceland trails. This trip is focused on mt. Hengill area, expect a variety of landscapes including geothermal activity and stunning views of Thingvellir national park. Up and downhill technical singletrack challenges - this trip is for the experienced MTB rider only.


Selfie / E-MTB & MTB

72.000 - 86.000-ISK per person
2 days
More than 1